• Can I purchase individual components of the Mu international charger?

    We do not sell individual components, we only provide our Mu international charger components in packaged bundles. The main one being the Worldwide Traveller which comes with either a Duo (2x1.2A) power block, or MFI approved Tablet (2.4A) power block + Lightning USB Cable. 

  • Can I purchase the Aussie plug head for the international Mu charger set?

    The Aussie is not currently available in a bundle, or via separate purchase. We released the Aussie plug head for our first indiegogo backers originally as a batch run. 
    In the future, we will then look into potentially offering different individual component options to offer through our website only. So, never say never.
  • Can I purchase the Mu® from overseas?

    We are currently only shipping to addresses within the UK and Ireland and, unfortunately, we can’t take payment from customers who are based outside of the UK. We are working on relationships with overseas distributers, and are planning on launching the Mu in some overseas destinations in the future, or email to mail@madeinmind.co.uk if you have any further queries.
    Sign up to our mailing list and we’ll keep you updated.

  • Will you be launching other Mu® products?

    Yes, we’re constantly coming up with ideas and developing new products within the Mu® range. For more information you can sign up to our mailing list or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be the first to hear what’s coming next…

  • Is the Mu® USB charger being sold in shops?

    The Design Museum in London stocks some of our Mu® USB Charger range. We have also released 3 Limited Edition Mu® USB Adapters, which are only available at the Design Museum Shop, London. 
    The Mu® is also available in London to buy from the Conran shop and Selfridges on Oxford Street.

    In the rest of the UK, the Mu is also available in selected Carphone Warehouse stores and Maplins Electronics stores across the UK.

    In 2015/16 we launched our international USB charger range, which alongside our UK USB range, are now available at all Dixons Travel stores in all airports across the UK.

    – more coming soon!

  • What is the difference in the Mu UK USB charger products?

    Please refer to the table below for more information on this. If you have further queries please email customerservices@themu.co.uk

  • What are the technical specifications?

    Product Name: Mu Classic
    Colours: White, Black, Pink and Blue
    Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    Output: DC 5V 1Amp
    Compatibility: USB Powered devices which support a 1amp output - i.e. smartphones and smaller electronic devices
    Platform Technology: PVT™ Technology

    Product Name: Mu Tablet
    Colours: White and Black
    Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    Output: DC 5V 2.4Amp
    Compatibility: USB powered devices which support a 2.4amp output - i.e. tablets, smartphones and smaller electronic devices
    Platform Technology: PVT™ Technology 

    Product Name: Mu Duo
    Colours: White and Black
    Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    Output: DC 5V 2.4Amp
    Compatibility: USB powered devices which support a 2.4amp output - i.e. tablets, smartphones and smaller electronic devices
    Platform Technology: PVT™ Technology 

  • If I want to buy a lot of them, can I place a bulk order?

    Yes, of course. You can place an order for as many Mu® USB chargers as you need.

  • Has the Mu® been independently tested and does it comply with British Safety Standards?

    Yes – the Mu® USB Charger has been tested by recognised certification organisations and has the full pre-requisite approvals for CE certification.

  • Why has the Mu® changed from the original folding plug concept?

    After revealing the idea in 2009, designer Min-Kyu Choi’s ‘Folding Plug’ concept became a viral phenomenon. Min-Kyu joined forces with Matthew Judkins, a business creative, to form Made in Mind – the company that would commercialise the concept and champion other pioneering designs. Made in Mind started with the Folding plug design concept and adapted and developed it to make the product commercially viable. We rigorously tested the product scope, applied market and industry considerations, and prepared the design for its commercial manufacturing processes and certification. The result is the revolutionary Mu® USB Charger – the first of a range of smart power options for design enthusiasts.

  • Can I use the Mu® to charge my laptop?

    This is unlikely because laptops normally require more power than USB chargers can provide. However, we are always working on developing our Mu chargers as technology advances – sign up to our mailing list and we’ll keep you updated.

  • Can I use the Mu® abroad?

    Although our Mu® UK USB Chargers have been designed for use in the UK only, you can use them with a travel adapter as you would any other plug. 

    In 2015/16, we have launched our Mu® international system, which is designed to work exclusively with the Mu® system products only.

    This product is available with a power block and interchangeable plug heads which can be used when travelling abroad. Simply swap the plug head for the destination you are travelling to, and Bob's your uncle! No need for bulky travel accessories. 

    Current plug heads available in our Worldwide Traveller bundles are the Brit (UK - Type G), the American (US - Type A) & the European (EU - Type C) plug heads.
    We do have an Aussie (AUS - Type I) plug head, but this is not currently available in retail.
      • Exactly how flat does the Mu® fold down to?

        The folded dimensions of the original Mu® Classic 1Amp USB charger are a sleek and minimal 14mm x 55mm x 60mm.

        The folded dimensions of the more powerful Mu® Tablet and Mu® Duo are only a fraction longer in length at 14mm x 55mm x 72mm

        The folded dimensions of the Mu® international charger with UK plug head attached is 14mm x 55mm x 77mm. So only 5mm longer in length than the Mu® Tablet and Duo. This is due to the connector mechanism between our power block and interchangeable plug heads.
    • What is PVT technology?

      PVT is the technology we’ve developed that allows a three-pin electrical plug to a pivot, enabling the live and neutral pins to rotate. By using PVT technology, the MU reduces the standard UK plug by over 70% in size, whilst still being operational in the open and folded positions. PVT, a technology that is central to the Mu® USB Adapter and the Mu® range of products, has taken 3 years to develop and is protected by six global patents.

    • Where did the name ‘Mu®’ come from?

      When it was unveiled in 2009, the response to the folding plug concept was phenomenal. The fan base that formed has faithfully followed and championed its development ever since. Which made us think – ‘who better to help us name it?’ So in August 2010 we went to our community to ask for suggestions for the name of the final design. Robin Freeman from London entered our competition on the 3rd August 2011 with ‘mu’ (Greek for small/micro) –a name that we feel is as simple, elegant and iconic as the product itself.

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