PVT Technology

PVT Technology or PVT is the proprietary technology of Made in Mind Ltd allowing electrical plugs to be reduced in size in order to save space and improve portability. The technology has recently been applied to the Mu product range in the United Kingdom and Ireland.




It is generally the case that electronic devices steadily decrease in size as technology progresses. However computers and other such devices have decreased in size over time, the electrical plugs that typically provide power have changed little in size over the years. The 3 pin plug used in countries such as the United Kingdom (inter alia) is an example of this. The UK 3 pin plug is roughly 1.75 inches thick at its thickest point from the rear of the plug to the tip of the earth pin (or three times thicker than an iPad 2.0).


Patent Extract
The mechanical properties that contribute the technology encompass various methods of assembly during manufacture such that process time is optimised, in addition to providing for a robust design that enables the free rotation of electrical pins within a plug housing within the final product. The mechanical features are subject to stringent standards requirements such as BS 1363 in the United Kingdom.
The electrical properties that further contribute the technology encompass various methods of proving an electrical connection when a plug incorporating PVT is in the engaged (open) or the stowed (closed) position. The dual position connectivity enables a plug using PVT to be accepted into traditional three-pin electrical sockets in addition to slim-lined PVT enabled sockets and adapters.


Existing Applications

PVT is currently being utilised by the Mu USB Adapter which is designed to provide a space saving USB charging facility for people on the go. The Mu USB Adapter was launched in February 2012 and is available for sale in the United Kingdom via www.themu.co.uk and various high street retailers.


Compatible plug types

PVT technology can be effectively deployed to most 3 pin style electrical plugs and can therefore be used in over 50 countries.