Introducing the Mu One

February 27, 2018

Introducing the Mu One


The Mu One is here!

This is the Mu that we have been waiting for.
The Mu One - It's our best Mu yet!
Amazingly slim and now powerful and packed with tech.
At 45 Watts the Mu One has enough power to charge the latest notebooks and Macbooks, along with tablets and smartphones.
It also comes with Power Delivery (PD) Technology for a fast adaptive charge and has the future-proof reversible USB Type-C connector.
Yes - we threw the kitchen sink at this one!
The Mu One is the thinnest, most advanced 45W fast charger in the world.



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Introducing the Mu One... 

Introducing the Mu One - the world's thinnest international charger. Four times more powerful than its predecessor, it charges smartphones, tablets and now even latest Macbooks and notebooks.

Award Winning Design

Previous winner of the British Design of the Year Award, Red Dot Award and the Accessory of Mobile World Congress, the Mu One is the next chapter of the Mu story.

Pocket Sized

Pocket sized and compact, the Mu One has a unique and patented fold-flat design with an interchangeable head system. This allows the Mu One to reduce its size to an amazing 14mm thin – that’s over 70% smaller than the 29W Type-C Apple Charger!

Latest Power Technology

Combining ultra slim design with cutting edge power technology, the Mu One boasts PD Technology for a fast adaptive charge and breakthrough GaN technology that creates an astonishing 94% power efficiency. This enables a huge amount of power to fit into the super small Mu One. 


The Mu One is truly a fusion of award winning design and cutting edge power technology.


Under the Hood... 

The Mu One has an amazing 45W of power with fast charge technology making it suitable for all smartphones, tablets and even the latest Macbooks and notebooks. This is all thanks to THREE remarkable pieces of technology under the hood…

FirstlyGallium Nitride Technology (GaN). Enabling very high-power in a super small space, all with 94% power efficiency. This is the real genius of the Mu One being able to pack a punch. This latest technological break through in power, enables us to provide big power in our tiny Mu One.

Secondly, Power Delivery Technology (PD). Fast charge, adaptive charge, quick charge – it’s all about being able to change the voltage output of the charger to adjust to devices and create a quick charging experience. The Mu One comes with a PD controller onboard and will charge fast.

And then, an Auto-Detect Chip. Providing intelligent identification to iOS, Android and other devices to ensure that they charge at an optimum rate. The Mu One provides the perfect charge no matter which device, make or model is being used.


What Next?

Our small design team first successfully launched our UK version of the Mu in 2012.

Since then we've established fantastic manufacturing partnerships allowing us to design and build a Mu family.

This will be our third big product release since launching the original Mu USB charger in 2012, and this time around we have been working with a specialist technology partner to deliver an extraordinary small and powerful product. The Mu One combines their expertise, our design skills and the superb production capabilities of our manufacturing partners.

All of these are in place and prototypes have been made so we just need to lock down those prototypes, push into production, create some tooling and stir in a little magic.

Saying that, we've done this before and we know that nothing is plain sailing but we've built in some contingency time into our production schedule to allow for the inevitable 'item' that we can't foresee at the moment. We're confident that the pursuit of creating magic will overcome that unknown 'item'. And we've been here long enough to know that we'll be handling both during and after this campaign.

Now, it's magic time!