Mu One: British

This is the One. Technology has finally caught up with our design...

Combining ultra slim design with cutting edge power technology, the Mu One boasts PD Technology for a fast adaptive charge and breakthrough GaN technology that creates over 90% power efficiency. This enables a huge amount of power to fit into the super small Mu One. 

Contents of this product bundle: 

  • 45W Type-C power block - with GaN & PD technology
  • UK Folding plug head - utilising patented PVT technology

Have a USB Type-C, Lightning or Micro USB charged device? 
When it comes to chargers, the Mu One is the only one you need. 
Simply use the correct cable to connect to your device.

With a maximum output of 45W, the Mu One: British Type-C charger is ideal for:

  • Type-C PD charged Notebooks & the latest Type-C Macbooks
  • All tablets 
  • All smartphones
  • Smaller USB-charged devices

For high-quality performance, the Mu One power block has an embedded auto-detect chip enabling the Mu to identify the device being connected and, in turn, deliver the device-optimum charge.

Mu international plug heads are only compatible with Mu power blocks

Mu international plug heads NOT sold separately - available in international bundles only

Overall product dimensions (with folded UK Head Attached):
L 96mm, B 55mm, H 14mm  Weight ~82g

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